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Going Green Strategies

Sustainable? LEED Certified? FSC Approved? What happened to LPG or CNG? Hydrogen Cell or PHEV (Hybrid)? Cellulosic Ethanol from Corn or Switchgrass?  Biomass? What about MSW? Wind Farms, PV and solar grids? Renew, Reuse, Reclaim, Repurpose, and Recycled. LowVOC, Carbon-footprint, Carbon-cycle. Bioresin, Biodiesel, Biogas, Biodegradable...

It's not surprising that "Going Green" is a very hot topic. Like everyone, our clients are trying to sort out fact from fiction about green markets, conservation, cost savings, sustainable materials, certifications and governmental regulation. They understand that there are significant growth opportunities but the Green landscape is ever-changing and it a challenge to choose the right path.


Today, more than ever, we strongly recommend that small and mid-sized companies should have a "Going Green Strategy" including a Green vision, identification of their niche and a clear action plan to help them navigate the world of GREEN