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Tactical & E-Marketing

"When you have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail."   - Maslow

Strategic Marketing involves the complete "Marketing mix"; typically the 4P's of Product, Price, Promotion, Place, plus the extended version with Positioning, People, Process .....There are times, however, when a client needs specific help with a Marketing tactic only. 

This includes branding, advertising, direct marketing, trade shows, events, print, and collateral material development. Often, a client may have a relationship with a creative agency. We help you to get the most from the creative agency / web developer and avoid common pitfalls. Surprisingly, creative agencies appreciate our involvement, despite 
                                             the fact that we put greater demands and expectations on them.


E-Marketing is an especially effective tactic for smaller companies because it is both powerful and relatively low cost. Unfortunately, many companies avoid E-Marketing because it is made confusing by marketers who seem to be more interested in "buzzwords" than results. 

We help you to sort out all the E-Marketing issues and jargon. We ensure that your E-marketing approach is an effective part of a sound and practical Marketing Strategy

Give us a call to talk about your Marketing challenges - we can help.