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Sales and Marketing

"If success won't come to you, go get it..."   - Anonymous

Have you stopped growing or are you struggling to remain profitable despite lean and other cost cutting efforts? 

Many entrepreneurs built their businesses by developing strong relationships with a 2-3 major customers. They focused on Quality, On-time Delivery, Competitive Pricing and Customer Service. As long as they kept their customers happy, the business grew. In this ready demand model, there is very little active Marketing or Selling. Established sales relationships and manufacturing excellence are sufficient to generate opportunities and predictable business. 

However, many companies find themselves in trouble when the marketplace changes. They lose their relationships and the predictable backlog of business they have enjoyed slows down dramatically. Faced with the challenge of new customers, contacts, markets and competition, many companies attempt to build relationships as they did in the past. However, they quickly find out that it is taking too long for these new relationships to "bear fruit". In this situation, companies without a pipeline of opportunities are at significant risk. So what can they do? 

Our unique Sales & Marketing approach is focused on actions to shorten your selling cycle and target customers that are "in Market" now. We help our clients manage Marketing and Sales as two business processes: 1. Creating demand: "Awareness to lead" (Marketing), and 2. Converting Demand into Revenue:  "Lead to order" (Sales).